Annual Monopoly Tournaments
Bestman Games along with the Lagos State Sports Commission will host an interschool Monopoly tournament each year:
1 City of Lagos U17 Inter-school Monopoly Tournament for High School students.
2 City of Lagos Monopoly Open Tournament
Inter-School Monopoly Tournaments
Tournaments offer a competitive opportunity through which children thrive. They provide an avenue to showcase the most skillful Monopoly board game players from public and private schools at local, state and national level.

Lagos Teachers Monopoly Tournaments
Bestman Games hosted the Lagos Teachers Monopoly Tournament at Corona School, Gbagada Lagos, in celebration of Nigerian teachers for their dedication, commitment and sacrifice in developing the next generation on the World Teachers Day, 2017.

The Lagos Monopoly Teachers Tournament, provided practical insights and created a greater awareness and understanding of personal finance and financial literacy amongst our teachers, to empower them regarding their own personal finances.