Financial literacy for children is vitally important to help them avoid the common financial pitfalls so many adults experience. The games and other activities created to aid teaching important money skills make learning simple and fun. When children learn about and become comfortable handling money early, they’ll be that much better prepared to step out on their own when the time comes.
Obtaining key skills to budget and manage their resources will make it easier for youth to live successful lives. The curriculum takes advantage of the knowledge that children have different learning styles, and many kids learn best by doing.

A fun kids’ passbook to help keep track of savings and expenditures. This helps children save even more. Customized piggy banks for every club member to save towards a set goal at the start of term.
Financial Literacy quiz books for the club and board games as part of club kits. Chances to win prizes and special giveaways throughout the program. Career talks with the leading financial institutions. An opportunity for internships in selected organizations. Automatic qualification for local and national Monopoly competitions. A chance to represent Nigeria in the international Monopoly competition hosted by Hasbro.

It is our goal to ensure that every child before they leave school would have enjoyed a year of membership. Members of the Personal Finance clubs will enjoy various activities using games, work books, and other tools. The range of topics to be covered include the following:
1 Savings and investments
2 How to earn and manage money
3 Banking
4 Principles of borrowing
5 Stock market
6 Insurance
7 Taxation
8 Entrepreneurship
9 Retirement
10 Philanthropy and giving